Tuberculin is a novel treatment for viral warts.


Tuberculin (also known as PPD/ Purified Protein Derivative) is derived from TB bacteria and is used to test for TB. It cannot cause TB as there is no live organism in the product.

When Tuberculin is injected into a wart, it stimulates the immune system to attack the wart virus (Human Papilloma Virus) which is responsible for causing the wart. The immune system "learns" what the virus looks like and goes around the body looking for these viruses and attacks them even in distant locations. 

Usually, only one wart is injected and if successful, all warts disappear.

Tuberculin is injected into the largest wart every two weeks until a total of 4 injections is given.

The success rate of clearance of viral warts with Tuberculin is 76%.

The success rate of clearance of viral warts with Tuberculin is 76%.

Examples of warts treated with tuberculin

Large wart right forearm. Previously cauterised. This was the only

wart injected

Non-injected warts all disappeared and healed totally without scarring

Non-injected warts all disappeared

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