Squamous Cell Carcinoma - also associated with sun exposure and more common on light skin than in pigmented individuals, this tumour may be seen in any colour of individual.  It may be associated with other factors as well (apart from sunlight) eg burns and skin TB.  It is possible for SCCs to arise from Solar keratoses (scaly areas of sun damage on the skin - especially common on the arms, scalp, face, chest and back).  For this reason solar keratoses are treated with liquid nitrogen when they are noticed.


Squamous cell carcinomas can be prevented by the regular treatment of SOLAR KERATOSES with liquid nitrogen.  


A solar keratosis is a pre-cancerous tumour which could change into a squamous cell carcinoma within a few years.    Solar keratoses are flat and scaly and occur on sun-exposed areas viz. the backs of the hands, the forearms, scalp, face and "V" of the neck and chest.  The upper back may also be involved.

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