This practice uses Enerpeel chemical peels from Tebitech, Italy, providing an extremely hygienic experience, as all items used are provided sealed.

The following range of chemical peels is offered in the practice

Steps involved in a chemical peel:

  1. The face is thoroughly cleansed with a facial cleanser such as Vitasure Gentle Cleanser.

  2. A sealed Cleanser wipe is used to degrease the skin.

  3. The peel chemical is opened and attached to a brush.

  4. The peel chemical is applied evenly throughout the face with the attached brush.

  5. The application duration is carefully timed using a timer and ranges for 2 to 10 minutes.

  6. At the end of the peel, the peel chemical is neutralised using the sealed neutraliser wipe.

  7. The skin is cooled using ice-soaked gauze.

  8. The face is thoroughly washed removing all traces of chemical.

  9. A sunblock (Vitasure Day Cream with SPF 30) is applied on the skin.


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