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Narrow band UVB


Narrow band UVB is used for extensive psoriasis not responding to topical (externally applied) treatments.


The treatment is administered in a UV cabinet. Each treatment lasts about a minute. 


Treatment is given on three days a week eg. Mon, Wed, Fri for 7 weeks.


Can't make it to the doctors office? No problem. Why not get your own UV machine? For further details see: Phototherapy equipment.


Your treatment can still be supervised at the rooms, once in three to six months.

Excimer laser/light/lamp


Excimer laser/light/lamp is used for localised areas of psoriasis anywhere on the body.


Treatment is directed at the involved areas.


One Excimer treatment is roughly equivalent to three treament with narrow band UVB and greatly reduces the treatment time.


The practice uses the most up to date equipment from General Medical Engineering from Germany.



Biologic treatment of psoriasis represents the most advanced treatment available for this condition.


4 Biologics are now available in SA:


Infliximab (Revellex)

Etanercept (Enbrel)

Adalimumab (Humira)

ustekinumab (Stelara)


All are given by injection. The intervals between injections vary between the different biologics.


The biologics are the most expensive treatments available for psoriasis, costing in the region of R150 000-00 (yes, one hundred and fifty thousand rand!) per year.


Discuss your suitability for biologics with your dermatologist. Some medical aids cover the medication.

Biologic treatment has a profound effect of the nails.


Nail involvement is not just a cosmetic problem as normal nails are required for fine movements and for picking up small objects.

It is not unusual to see complete resolution of psoriasis after a single injection. Typically however, this response is seen after two or three injections. The response is then maintained by regular injections, the intervals of which are determined by the biologic used.

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