Hypertrophic scar

Hypertrophic scar following surgical operation

Keloid chest

Keloids on the chest developing in acne scars

Keloid shoulder

Keloid on shoulder developing in acne scar

keloid chest

Keloid on anterior chest. No known trigger.

A keloid is a thickened scar that forms typically after injury to the skin.

Common causes of keloids

  • Acne

  • Surgery

  • Trauma

  • Burns

  • Insect bites

  • Ear piercing

  • Body piercing

A keloid projects beyond the margin of the intitial injury. In contrast, a hypertrophic scar is thickened but does not protrude beyond the margins of the initial injury. The difference is in the degree of thickening.
Keloid chest  before

Keloid on anterior chest before treatment

Keloid scar smooth

Keloid with silicone gel sheet (Scarsmooth)

Keloid after

Keloid after treatment with Scarsmooth.

Treatment of keloids

In a study involving 224 patients who used silicone gel sheets for scars, significant improvement was seen in the colour, thickness and elasticity of hypertrophic (thick) scars and keloids (J Clin Aesthetic Derm 2016 Oct 9(10). 28-35)

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