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This practice offers online consultatons on Zoom and WhatsApp video

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How to consult on the Zoom platform
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Contact the secretary

Tel: 031 2651505

or email

Arrange time for consultation

Receive Zoom link by email

Click on link  start consultation

  • Please take clear photographs of the area to be discussed. These may be requested before or during the consultation. (Please see guidelines for taking photographs below)

  • At the end of the consultation, a prescription, and if discussed, a laboratory form and other links will be emailed to you.   

New to Zoom? Follow these steps

1. Google Zoom downloads

2. Download Zoom on your computer or phone

3. Wait for the log in link to be sent to you by email

4. Simply click on the link to join the consultation, or enter the ID and password in the email sent to you.

5  Test your audio and speaker while waiting to be admitted

6. You will be admitted by the host.

7.  You're on your way.

Guidelines for taking good photographs
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Photos courtesy Visual Dx

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Please note that the practice does not offer consulations on the DrDerma platform

Online Consultations

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