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Hyperhidrosis, another name for excessive sweating, occurs mainly in the palms, soles and axillae (armpits)

Often, sweating occurs for no apparent reason but may worsen at times of stress, anxiety, meeting people for the first time, touching a new book, thinking about shaking hands with someone, if the ambient temperature rises or after heating hot/spicy food.

Hyperhidrosis is treated with the following modalities:

1.  Aluminium chlorhexadidrate solution applied daily until sweating stops

2. Anticholinergic medications. These are limited in use because of side effects of constipation, blurred vision and urinary retention.

3.  Botox injections - popular of the armpits

4.  Iontophoresis - popular for the palms and soles

Watch this you tube video on Iontophoresis now:

Unboxing and using the Iontoderma (available from SkinTECH)

One week review of iontoderma

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