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What we are doing in the practiceto keep you safe:

"Please keep your mask on throughout your consultation"

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Keeping you safe

The following guidelines from the American Academy of Dermatology and World Health Organisation are being implemented in the practice.


  • All patients are screened for symptoms at entrance to hospital.

  • All patients to wear masks and to sanitise hands upon entry.

  • Adult patients over the age of 18 are to arrive alone.  Every effort is made to keep waiting times short.

  • Relatives/accompanied guests to wait in the car and not in the waiting room.

  • Minors (<18 years) allowed with one parent only. Elderly patients who cannot manage on their own can be accompanied by one guest or caregiver.

  • Children or elderly who do not have an appointment should not be brought to the hospital for their own safety and cannot be allowed into the consulting room.

  • Social distancing is in operation in the waiting room. Chairs are separated.

  • Masks to be kept on during examination.

  • All commonly touched surfaces (door handles/knobs, reception counter, credit card machine, chair sides) are regularly sanitised. 

  • The bed covers and pillow cases are sanitised after every patient.

  • Hand sanitisers are available in the entrance of the practice and in every room in the practice for your convenience. Please feel free to use them.

  • Magazines and toys have been removed and no tea/coffee is served to avoid spread of virus.

  • Contactless payment is available for credit cards with this facility.

  • EFT payments are acceptable if you are nervous about touching the card machine.

  • Please sanitise after handling cash or the credit card machine in the rooms.

Thank you for your understanding and for your cooperation to keep your consultation risk-free, to yourself and others around you.


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